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Up All Knight

Mobile App Design

UCF — Computer Graphic Design — Spring 2017

For this project, I was tasked with building a responsive design and come up with an entire brand identity for a fake startup. Up All Knight is a hip coffee shop located at the University of Central Florida. For the logo, I sketched many different variations before arriving at the one you see here. The U in Up is purposely shaped like a moon to represent the ever present nightlife at UCF. The target audience is young college students, so the design of the site needed to be accessible on mobile and deliver all the important info at a glance.

craigslist re-design

Craigslist Re-design

UCF — Computer Graphic Design — Spring 2017

The final project of this course was to re-design and re-brand the website of an existing company. I chose Craigslist in order to let my creativity flow and not be confined to a certain color palette or style. In my case, the site was an empty canvas. I made a font change on the logo and experimented with different weights because craigslist at its core is a basic site. I wanted to give the logo a clean feel, but add some depth. For the site, I was heavily inspired by two similar apps LetGo and OfferUp as well as Google's Material Design.

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